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Peacekeeper LLC has been founded out of one principle: the pursuit of superior tone!

The Peacekeeper is a quick change effects system that uses rifle parts to integrate sound processing into the instrument.

This invention has many advantages starting with superior sonic performance as the processing is now located next to the sound generation, the pickup.

Secondly the player now has the ability to control the effects manually or through motion in real time adding creativity to their play.

Thirdly using a battle proven rifle platform, effects can be interchanged quickly, especially live on stage!

The Peacekeeper attachment keeps pushing the boundaries of modern electric instrument technology - and legality - in order to bring you the best in sound, soul, and playability. 

-Markus O. Hummel, Founder and Inventor

We design and integrate boutique effects as much as we work closely with cutting edge innovators to create our own vision. In either case, the result is superior sound for you that will convince even your most discriminating audience.

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