The Peacekeeper has developed and secured extensive IP through USPTO Trademarks, Design and Utility patents. Many have already been approved, even more are "Patent Pending". We believe in our novel approach to tone improvement so much, we call it a Guitar Revolution.


We work with world-class Boutique Pedal Designers to bring best of breed effects. The effects range from old-school 12AU7 preamp tube overdrives to motion controlled wah-wahs, and screaming practice amps. 

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There are several mounting options for The Peacekeeper. It was originally conceived from an 80% AR-15 lower. We have two such versions avaiable for top-mounting. The recessed mounting option allows integration without changing the "face" of an instrument.

The Peacekeeper

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The Peacekeeper is an electric instrument attachment. It is a modularized platform that puts signal processing INTO the guitar or bass, eliminating signal loss and therefore allowing sonic and technological improvements never heard or seen before. 

Eliminating signal-loss: A 30-ft cable run is reduced to 3 inches. Tone modification happens next to tone generation: your pickups! Added creativity: real-time control of your effects with your hand or motion! Added versatiliy: Change out the effect with another or plug in a practice amp!